Firetruck Smilin'

Being two has brought on some new faces for Malakai. He cracks me up with his creativity. This is one of his favorite toys and for obvious reasons...the loud noise that accompanies pushing buttons on the side of it. But Mommy has found the mute button on the bottom to be helpful at times.

The New, Improved...

Eric and I love winter home improvement projects. We were recalling the other night how every January for the past 4 years, we have done something to improve our home. This year, Radiant Images was next in line for a little face lift. We put a fresh coat of paint on the walls...two different shades of beige/light brown. And the most exciting part? Track lighting! Eric installed this two weeks ago and it makes a huge difference. So here's a little peak. I am looking forward to meeting with many clients in this place.


Winter Days

It's fun to try and be creative when the weather is less than ideal to be outside for long periods of time. Play-doh, snow, and Farm Show were big hits so far this year. There are lots of good memories being made.


Adoption News

Many of you have been asking again about how things are coming along with our next adoption. I wanted to just let you all know where things stand at this point. We have been approved and waiting since mid October with our agency. We continue to pray for our child(ren) to meet us by divine connections along the way. We believe the LORD is leading us in this journey and we are being obedient to Him.

A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was speaking to the female student body at a local high school about adoption. It was a very vivid dream that woke me up with a fresh passion in my spirit to pursue this desire to share our story with other people. I made some contacts to this high school and a few weeks later, we were invited to come in to an elective parenting classroom and share our story. This opportunity is scheduled for a few weeks from now. I really feel like this may be the tip of an iceberg of breakthrough for adoption...not just ours, but for many other waiting families and children. We have no idea what God's plan is for our family but we know we have a heart to see children find their forever families. So pray with us that our words would not fall on deaf ears. We will keep you updated as more of our journey unfolds.


Something New

With the start of a new year, comes a lot of new things for my business, beginning with a new blog header. I'm looking forward to another great season here at Radiant Images. I've been busy updating my website (in progress), putting track lighting and a new wall color in my client meeting room, and trying out some new albums. Nothing like a fresh start. I currently have 20 weddings booked for 2010 and am starting to book a few for 2011 so let your friends and family know that it's never too early to reserve their date. I am excited to be working with so many incredible clients. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share some of life's greatest moments with you.


Matt & Erica: Engaged

They met on a blind date at Molly's Pub in Lancaster and hit it off immediately finding that they had a lot in common. Both are dedicated runners, enjoy traveling, and are addicted to ice cream. They also love to play cards together, and in fact Matt proposed to Erica using a deck of playing cards. He secretly borrowed a deck of her favorite cards and made some fake look-alikes. On the back, they appeared to be her normal playing cards. However, on the front they contained a proposal message. She said YES!, by the way and now they are planning an October wedding.

There may only be a handful of couples that actually request to do their engagement portraits in 20 degree weather and they happened to hire me (who loves the cold) for the job. None of us lost any fingers or toes but we were all ready for something hot to drink by the time we were finished. Check out some session favorites below...