My Family

On Sunday afternoon, we had a family picnic out at my parents' house. My brother, Wendall, his wife, Emily, and their 2-year-old son, Clayton came down from State College for the weekend. Clayton had his first experience at Dutch Wonderland and the pony rides were a big hit for him. Mom wanted an updated family picture since the last photo shoot we had was when Emily was pregnant with Clayton about two and a half years ago. It's pretty tough to be the photographer when you're in the picture, so my parents asked their neighbors to come over and take the picture once we had it all set up. The tripod came in handy this time. It was fun to all be together again since it only happens a few times a year. Here's a few favorites from our time together.

Wes & Renae - 7.19.08

I love shooting outdoor weddings...I just wish I didn't sweat like a crazy woman. We showed up to Renae's house and found everyone inside enjoying the air conditioning. After a few prep shots, Wes and Renae had a little "first glance" moment and then we had some fun with the bridal party. Renae has a horse who was very interested in getting pictures taken with her, but I think more than anything that horse wanted to take a big bite out of her flowers. Renae's family worked hard to get their property ready for two weddings this year. Her younger sister is getting married at the same spot in September. It was incredible...landscaped to the tee, a water wheel garden, stone walls, potted flowers, a wooden bridge that crossed over a stream...a dream for anyone who has ever wanted an outdoor wedding. During the reception, the guests were not shy about telling funny stories and memories they had of the bride and groom. It was obvious that their friends are very important to both of them. Wes & Renae, I was blessed to be a part of your wedding day and I know that the foundation for your marriage is built solid on the Rock. Two are better than one...may you fully experience that truth as you walk hand in hand forever.


Bundy Family - 7.25.08

Friday night I had the opportunity to photograph a family from Spain. They are missionaries who are home for a few months and are staying in the apartment attached to my in-laws farmhouse. They need to update their prayer card picture and so I got hired for the job. We took the family up to the Martin farm and enjoyed an evening in the country. Eric, Gideon, Malakai and Grandpa went for a walk and I took the Bundy's on a tour of the farm. I had a fun night with all of them. They are such a sweet family and I enjoyed hearing about their love of photography that began with Bruce's dad, then Bruce, and now Josh, their oldest son. It was an honor to do a photo shoot for a family overseas. I pray that many people are eternally changed by the love that they see in your family.