Fruit of the Womb

Isaac wore this shirt for the first time today. My mom got it for him when he was born. Very appropriate! He is 11 months old and quite the little ham. He loves to laugh, which isn't surprising since his name means laughter.

O Christmas Tree

It was a gorgeous day to cut down our tree on Saturday. Didn't even need a coat on. We spent the morning downtown Lancaster. Got some goodies at Central Market, saw some friends we haven't seen in awhile, and then took the boys to the model train display. We were the very first guests for the season. Even got there before the elevators were turned on! Malakai had a blast and I am not sure if he even blinked the whole time we were there. Eyes wide, fingers pointing, mouth open...just taking it all in. And Isaac sat on my hip just drooling and trying to grab every train that went past. When we finally had seen every detail, it was time to head out to our favorite tree farm to chop down our evergreen. Came home with a beauty. Now she's all decked out with ornaments and lights. No, I didn't even take a picture of the finished product, but I'm sure that will come. Let the Christmas festivities begin!


Thanksgiving Morning

Here are my favorite guys reading the paper together. A favorite activity to do by the wood stove. Happy Thanksgiving! May your plates be full of good eats, your homes be full of great fellowship, and your hearts full of thankfulness for all that was, is, and has yet to be. Let the holiday festivities begin!


Swing With Me

In this season of giving thanks, I am thankful for so many things, but the three people below are on the top of my list. A loving best friend and husband, a sweet spirited, kind hearted, fun loving almost four year old son, and a happy, giggly, soon to be walking 11 month old baby. How can I keep from singing? Thank you, Father for the gift of life. May I never take one breath of it for granted.


Abe & Rachel: Real Life Fairytale

He knew that she loved strawberries, so instead of giving her a flower on their first date, he gave her some strawberries he had picked from a local patch on his way home from work. He had already won a little piece of her heart. A little over two years later, they went to Disney World- a first for both of them. On the first day, they spent the afternoon in Magic Kingdom, like two little kids taking it all in. From their table at dinner that night, they could see Cinderella’s Castle. The plan was to eat dinner and then watch the fireworks. After finishing dessert (a baked strawberry crisp, of course) the waitress brought the check and said she had one more thing for them. Rachel was still clueless and thought she was bringing Mickey-shaped mints. Then amid normal conversation Abe said “I know you don’t like surprises… so I am going to give you the heads up...in five minutes, I’m going to propose.” He said it so casually that she actually asked, “Propose what?” thinking he wanted to take a cab home or stay later. He said, “Marriage propose!” As the fireworks started going off over Cinderella’s Castle, “When you wish upon a star” began playing overhead. The waitress brought a pillow with a glass slipper and a tiara on it. Abe got down on one knee and said, “Will you let me be your Prince Charming, from now until happily ever after?” She said, “Yes,yes, yes!!!” He slipped on a beautiful engagement ring and they sat and watched the fireworks go off over the castle in Disney. Meet the happy couple...