Rides and Sprinklers

This week we took the boys to Dutch Wonderland for the day. Oh my goodness did we ever have a blast. There were hardly any lines, and we enjoyed a family day (minus our dear little Hadassah who was hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma's house) together seasoned with a ton of grace. The boys overcame fear, we laughed so much together, and fell in love with our sons even more! I think I became a kid again and so did Eric. Seeing him and Malakai doing the bumper cars together was probably my favorite memory of the day. Our hearts were full and our energy tanks were depleted which is the best combo after a day at an amusement park.

The sprinkler came out this week for the first time too. Squeals and giggles followed. The heat can't keep us from having fun in our own back yard!


10 Years...Still Fits

I wanted to surprise Eric for our 10th anniversary. Ya know, do something we never did before.  So I came up with the idea to do a photo session with my wedding dress on again. I asked my good friend, Kelly Hess to come out to our place (with a quick stop at the neighbors) and capture this milestone in our marriage. She is simply amazing! I just got the disc of images today and I love them dearly. Here are just a handful of my favorites. 


Just You And Me

This past weekend, Eric and I had a 30 hour getaway to Baltimore so we could celebrate 10 years of marriage. We stayed in a little town called Fells Point. I can't even begin to explain or tell all the amazing stories of how the LORD kissed us over and over again.

It began when a man walked up to us, we literally left the hotel about 2 minutes beforehand, and asked for money. Eric told him he didn't have any cash, but he could pray for him instead. We stood on the cobblestone street, holding hands and praying and a delivery truck stops right beside us. The driver hops out, walks across the street and grabs our hands and starts praying with us. We ended up crying together and finding out that we all were in the same boat...needing a miracle from the LORD. All of us loved Jesus and were thankful to have shared a moment of encouragement together. And both of their names were Anthony...which we looked up later and found out means, priceless...go figure! 

We also got a free limo ride to our restaurant with the best seats, on the balcony, which overlooked the rose garden and live music. My heart was so overwhelmed with the beauty of it all, I just started crying. It was like walking in the Garden Of Eden. And the food was incredible! Oysters on the shell, calmari, jumbo shrimp, lamb chops, crab cakes....heavenly!

After dinner, we took a walk on the cobblestone roads around the harbor. So romantic! And our room was the best one in the hotel...first floor, corner room, exposed brick, two massive windows...floor to ceiling, water 20 feet from us with a view of the boats and the full moon!

We enjoyed a morning run on the promenade which is a brick pathway that leads for miles around the water. Came back to an amazing continental breakfast outside in the beautiful courtyard where 8 baby ducks had just been born and were waddled around. Seriously...the whole trip was planned by the LORD for us to just relax and enjoy our surroundings and each other.

We ate some pizza in Little Italy and found a beautiful park, Oregon Ridge on the way home where we enjoyed a hike in the woods and a little tour of their nature center. So we got the best of both worlds...the city and the woods.

The kids did great with my mother-in-law and we could not have asked for a more perfect retreat! Thankful for time away with the one my heart loves. Ten years down, 100 more to go!