Chop Down The Tree

It's always a memorable experience...this chopping down a real Christmas tree thing. This year went pretty smoothly...it was the decorating part that about put me over the edge. So many little hands that want to help so badly, but don't quite understand that not all ornaments can be hurled across the room, squeezed, or shaken. Ah yes...just stuff, I know, but these little pieces sure do hold a lot of memories for me. Some of them are from when I was a kid. There is one little red wooden sleigh that says, "1981...Regina"...we're talkin' 33 years old. And then there are a few balls that came from my dear Grandma Brubaker. I guard those for grown up hands only. So now the tree is all trimmed and watered and lit and naps are in full swing. And tonight (and many more nights to follow) we will all lay underneath its branches and tell stories...the most looked forward to part of the whole Christmas tree experience for all of us.


Gobble Gobble

I can't ever remember having a white Thanksgiving before but it sure was fun yesterday to play in the snow together! The kids were in their glory. We were sledding, building a snowman (Gideon was stealing the limbs off of him as quickly as we could put them back on) and throwing snowballs. Winter in the fall isn't so bad I guess...when we can be together and eat some turkey! Eric was happy to do all the work to prepare Tom, the house smelled yummy and made our house 72 degrees. The snow pants and gloves and boots and hats are all dry and ready for another round today!


Cabins & Cousins

The annual Martin family get away took place over the weekend. All 17 of us lived together for three days and enjoyed laughing, lounging, hiking, playing and eating. The weather was beautiful and it was fun to see the seven cousins running around. They are growing up fast!


Ethan: Newborn

He is the perfect little addition to this family. Even though he was over a week late, he came right on time and is getting a lot of snuggles and love from mommy and daddy and his grandparents too. I had the honor of photographing Travis and Jolyn's wedding a little over three years ago. Now they are a happy family of three! Meet the newest family member...