Rohrer Family

I first met them a few years ago when I photographed their engagement portraits and then their wedding. They melt my heart. Truly, Addie is her mommy and daddy's pride and joy. About two minutes after meeting me, she lunged from her daddy's arms and wanted me to hold her. I was told she never did that before and she might not smile for pictures. Well, she surprised everyone! Her face was lit up the entire time. Sometimes God brings us unexpected surprises that we don't think we really need or desire. Then we open them up and realize it's just what we always wanted, and more. Addie is this gift to Mark and Devon. You can plainly see the love in their eyes for their beloved daughter. What a precious little family!


Chris & Robyn: Married

They were filled to overflowing with emotion that day. A bursting groom waiting for his radiant bride. She put her hands over his eyes and told him to turn around. The tears were already flowing before he even saw her and once he laid eyes on her, it turned into weeping. He couldn't believe how blessed he was to make this woman, his best friend, his wife. The rain gently sprinkled on us as we took pictures at Valley Forge National Park, one of their favorite spots to run together. But it didn't hinder a thing. These two were in love and nothing would ruin that...definitely not a little rain. The day was a wonderful celebration of two people becoming one and we were honored guests. Chris & Robyn, may the road before you be a joyful journey as you walk on it together...