Christmas Crazies...

All the gifts rest quietly under the tree and then in an instant...paper is flying, the noise level rises a hundred decibels and everyone is full of delight. Here are a few fun moments captured. And among it all, Isaac turned five! Then the stomach bug hit Daddy. He was laid flat and Mommy had a sinus infection. We are on the mend but the sickness sure did put a damper on things, as in the Landis family Christmas was postponed until this coming weekend. Here's to a brighter week with more smiles and less snot.


Mom & Dad, The Kids Grow Up Fast

I was digging through the archives and found these gems. Every year since Hadassah was a baby in 2012 I have taken a picture of our kids in front of the Christmas tree. Now this year, we added Noah. This tradition will continue...forever. I tear up a little when I think how fast time is going. So thankful for these four merry Martin's!

Birthday Boys

We have always done a joint birthday party for our boys. Having birthdays 9 days apart right around Christmas has it's benefits! So thankful we could celebrate with the grandparents again!My mom was digging in the attic and found my ice cream shoppe that my older brother and I played with as kids. Complete with handwritten menus and all. Mint condition. Let me tell you, I have been served a lot of burgers, fries, and ice cream over the past 24 hours! So fun to pass on the fun to my own kids.


Rockin' Robin...

Isaac was just given a birdhouse to paint. He is so excited to have some new flying friends around here.


Malakai's 8th Birthday

We enjoyed a fun day together for Malakai's birthday and ended with his favorite meal of homemade stromboli and peanut butter pie! We gave him a radio with some new music to start off his collection right. And then...a dance party followed. A loud, chaotic, running-all-around-and-jumping-and spinning-and-take-off-your-shirt-and-pants-and-dance-in-your-underwear kind of party. Parent supervised of course ;) Memories made...check!


Battleship and Escort Cars...

Last night, on the eve of his 8th birthday, Malakai learned how to play Battleship. Squeals of laughter could be heard every time he hit one of Daddy's ships. E7....hit! I relived some of my childhood memories of playing this game with my older brother many a time. So, today we are celebrating Malakai's birthday the best way an 8-year old boy could. With an excused educational absence from school. Ahem...I agreed to be Eric's escort car today for his oversize load of gazebos. Malakai is going to be in the truck with Eric on his walkie talkie and I am going to be in the van with the other three kiddos. Isaac will be on our walkie talkie. Forecast is 100% rain. Just keep smiling, ya'll. And pray for grace and a wonderful birthday for Malakai!!


Oh To Be A Preschooler

Yup, that's a hippopotamus behind Isaac. Love going to these Christmas preschool programs. This was number four since Malakai began preschool. Always unique. So fun to see their expressions in front of a crowd. And now...no preschool for the next two and a half weeks. Oh my...LORD, grant me creativity!


Building Blocks

The foreman and his assistant. She's making some plans on the phone while he makes sure everything is just right with the tower. This girl is learning how to multi-task!