Buckwalter Family

In from two different states and different surrounding cities, we finally got this family all together! Two active little boys and lots of woods to explore after an inch and a half of rain made this session a fun one. Matt & Kate were my wedding clients almost 7 years ago. It's so great to see they are starting a family. Their 18-month old son, Brooks is on the move and so handsome, just like his cousin, Ezra.


Little Warrior

Today it finally stopped raining and Malakai got to try out his new bow. He hit the target several times and is so excited to go hunting with Eric. Just three months from now! No doubt, he will be ready!

Sink Baths

Noah loves taking baths in the sink these days...hope I can remember how tiny each of our babies were when they are teenagers!


Beans, Breakfast & Bows

The other day, our neighbor came by with a whole bucket of gorgeous green beans so my helpers and I got snapping the ends off and came up with 12 quarts of green beans for our freezer. We were so thankful!

This morning, the breakfast crew was up and at 'em. Scrambled eggs and toast made to order.

Then we were off on a rainy day adventure. Over the past several months, Malakai earned money by doing various chores. Today, he purchased his first hunting bow! All six of us went along. I was so proud of him as he gave his money to the cashier. His smile says it all...


Father's Day Fun

Sometimes you just have to smile and say, "Well, that was unexpected!" It's a dad's life...

Riding along in our automobile. Heading to Life Center on Sunday morning. 20 minutes into the 30 minute drive, dear daughter loses her breakfast. "Pull the van over...NOW!" Picture us on the side of the highway cleaning up little "Sweets" all while listening to Adventures in Odyssey...the message was on not being afraid to fail...how accurate! We made it to church and were thankful to celebrate fathers and worship the LORD, even in the midst of the messes that life brings us.

I decided it would be fun to surprise Eric by going out to eat as a family. Brick oven pizza at Ciro's. Good times...mostly...until Isaac's gelato landed on the floor and I lost track of how many waters were spilled. The miracle of it all...Noah slept the entire time. Didn't even know we came or left. Ah yes...Martin, party of six your table is ready...

After some good naps, we headed across the street to my parents' for the evening. Hot dogs, homemade ice cream, swinging and tractor rides...happy was what we all were.  I am so thankful for my dad and my husband who are both true examples of love and sacrifice to their kids.  I know I can say that I have the best dad in the whole world! I pray that our kids will always say the same thing about theirs.