Eric and I enjoyed the Christmas holiday with our families. We have a little niece, Tirza who is almost two and a little nephew, Clayton who is almost 18 months old. They are very busy and so fun to interact with. It's hilarious to listen to them talking and sounding out words. Tirza affectionately called me Aunt Porchina which started me laughing like crazy. How cute! Clayton was excited about opening so many presents. He is learning sign language and communicates very well without using any words. He LOVES Gideon too. The time together with our families always goes so fast and now it's back to our routine, which includes two upcoming weddings for me this weekend. Here are a few pictures from our Christmas.


Lapp/Lum Family-December 19th

Darryl and Kelley are good friends of ours and wanted some family portraits for Christmas. They surprised Kelly's family with an entire Lapp family photo shoot as a gift. Their daughter, Jorden did very well. Getting your pictures taken is hard work for a little squirt! The Lums were actually my first wedding that I shot a year and a half ago. Wow, how things have changed since then both for them and for myself. Darryl and Kel, it was great to interact with your family last night. You are such a perfect pair and your love for each other keeps getting stronger. Enjoy these shots and have a Merry Christmas. Love you both!


Bruce & Joleen-December 15th

Eric's cousin Bruce and his wife, Joleen are expecting their first child, a daughter, in February and wanted some pregnancy portraits. They requested them to be done at Eric's parents' farm. We started indoors where it was nice and warm and then headed outside to brave the cold weather for some outdoor shots. It is always so sweet to do pregnancy portraits because it's such a special season of a marriage. So much anticipation of what is to come and so much love for your spouse. Bruce and Joleen are a lot of fun and are totally in love with each other which is very evident in the images below. Joleen is from Canada so they are making a trip up north for Christmas. Her parents just got a snowmobile and she really wants to take a ride as long as they go really slow. Do those things have a slow button? I've never found it when I was riding. Bruce and Jo, I love you both and am very excited to meet your little girl in a few weeks!


Justin & Jenna-December 9th

And the rains came tumblin' down...but we still got outside pictures! Even though the sun wouldn't shine that didn't stop us from getting a little mud on our shoes, (and pants, and dresses) all for the sake of outdoor photographs. This bride and groom and their attendants were real troopers. Justin and Jenna were so much fun. Their love for each other and the LORD was incredibly evident. We did pictures before the ceremony so Jenna did a mock entrance down the aisle in an empty church with Justin waiting at the altar. As soon as Jenna saw him, she lost it...and so did I. Seriously, I was a mess (at least I can hide behind my camera!). I am still such a sap even after all the weddings I've done. There are some that still move me to tears and this one was of them. The ceremony was in a church in New Providence followed by a reception in The Barn at Overlook. The tin cans that were tied onto their getaway jeep made it the whole way to The Barn. We heard them coming from a long way off! Justin and Jenna, Eric and I pray for rich blessings as the two of you begin life as Mr. and Mrs. Watkins! This Christmas will be extra special for you as you celebrate the greatest gift ever, Jesus Christ, as husband and wife. Enjoy a few of my favorite moments!