Jesse & Mary-Sept. 22nd

My assistant Kelly and I had a great day last Saturday shooting a wedding in Columbia, PA. The ceremony was in a small beautiful stained glass church. Afterwards, the bridal party (and the photographers) loaded up on a big limo bus and headed up to Chiques Rock overlook for some bridal party pictures. The reception was in downtown Columbia at a place called A Taste of Styles. Kelly and I agree that we've never had better food! It was so scrumptious. The thing that was really fun and unique about this wedding was that there was a lot of kids invovled. There were 4 flower girls and two ringbearers. You just never know what they'll do. That's why I love it, because they are so unpredictable. The dance floor was hopping all night. I found myself laughing hysterically at some of the moves the guests were pulling out. Jesse and Mary, I pray that you would enjoy married life to its fullest. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day.



I wanted to give you an update on our little puppy, Gideon Ross. It's been awhile since I shared any pictures of him. He's growing so fast. I just took him to the vet today and he weighs almost 53 pounds already and he's not even 5 months old! I did a photo shoot with him one afternoon. A local artist saw him when I took him into her gallery and she was thrilled. She wants to paint a big portrait of him. So we walked right back home and I made him "smile" for Julia! He's so beautiful. Eric and I are really enjoying his companionship. I also added a few pictures of a recent hiking trip we took to the Pinnacle in Holtwood, PA. I shot a wedding this past weekend, so be watching for images coming soon from that.


Tanner-Sept. 17th

Last night I drove to Airville, PA. It's down below the Buck. It is a beautiful area with lots of farmland and woods. Tanner's family has a big farm with some calves, turkeys, and white tail deer. It was so much fun to be out in the country. I even got to ride around in the family's truck when we went from one location to the next. I felt like part of the family. Tanner is a worship leader at his church so we got some fun pictures of him with his guitar. He also is a hunter, but opted out of the camo shots! Tanner, I hope you enjoy your senior year at Lancaster Mennonite this year. You are a young man with many talents and your love for the LORD is evident in your gentle and inviting spirit. I am excited to do your family portraits in a few weeks. Thanks mom and dad for your part in the photo shoot. It's always nice to have extra hands to help me out.

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble...

Here are a few pictures of the turkeys on Tanner's family's farm in York, PA. I just got a big kick out of these guys. It made me want to run up and yell, "Gobble, gobble, gobble!" at the top of my lungs. I refrained since Tanner's whole family was standing right there.


Wenger Family-Sept. 8th

This family was very unusual and unique in the fact that there were 4 brothers who happened to be 2 sets of twins! At one point during the photo shoot I asked who the oldest son was. "We are," Darren and Dustin said at the same time. "Oh, you're twins, I didn't even think about it." I said. "We are too," said Chris and Ben. "WHAT! Two sets of twins in the same family!" I blurted out. I was so impressed. That is not a common occurrance. Their mom, Eileen is a twin herself. It will be interesting to see how many multiple births happen for the grandchildren. It must be fun having so many family members the same age. It's like having a young adult group in your own family! Thanks for a fun morning at East Lampeter Park!