Celebrating With Friends & Family

We wrapped up another great Christmas celebration with my side of the family on Thursday evening into Friday. Paper was flying. Cousins played together happily inside and then went across the street to our house for an afternoon of street hockey. The cold and wind didn't seem to bother those boys in the least. It is so fun to see them building memories together as the traditions of years past are reminisced about. Hadassah made her first of many hot pads for Grandma this year. I remember as a little girl making countless hot pads for my Grandma. This tradition MUST be passed on to the next generation! Speaking of passing things on...my mom gave Hadassah her doll house that she received almost 60 years ago as a Christmas gift. As you can see, both girls are pretty happy about i!

And New Year's Eve has been a long standing (almost 10 years now) tradition of gathering with our dear friends, Marvin & Dori who now reside in Kansas City. Treats, games, story telling...another one for the books. 2017...my word is BE FEARLESS! Ready to dive in...