Andrew & Rebecca: Engaged

Sometimes life takes some twists and turns that no one can expect – this is their story. Living 1,000 miles apart, a chance meeting forged a friendship that later grew into a deep rooted adoration for one another. They got engaged a little over a month ago and are ready to embrace the future with arms wide open. God has guided them both on a broken road that has lead them to each other.


Bumpy Road

I picked Malakai up from preschool on Tuesday. "He needs to dress in costume on Thursday for the parade." Gulp. We don't celebrate Halloween or really go trick or treating. He can't be the only kid in the class not participating. I have less than two days to come up with a brilliant idea. Think of something, Mom! So I went online and googled "homemade boys costumes" and this is what I found. All you need...adhesive velcro (had some on hand for who knows what reason), electrical tape, and a few match box cars. Malakai is really into match box cars right now and he begs us to drive down a nearby road with lots of hills that he has affectionately named "the bumpy road". So here he is, walking around with all the other kids (who are donning some not-so-homemade costumes) with great confidence. The fingers on his cheek mean, "I'm nervous because everyone is starring at me." They even sang two songs and did some hand motions which he loved.


Weber Family

Dave and Alex live on a beautiful 100 acre horse farm where Dave was raised. Here, he trains and boards horses as well as giving riding lessons and teaching horsemanship clinics. God blessed them with six beautiful children: Tyler, Emily, Jacqualyn, Layne, Madelyn and Lydia. All of them ride in High School or Youth rodeos. They help out on the farm and they love being with each other. Alex shared with me that they thoroughly enjoy their children, family and farm/country life, horses, dogs and other critters. She was born and raised in Germany and went to school to become an RN but is now a stay at home mom who raises her kids and German dachshunds.