My Big Girl

She's movin' and shakin', folks. Into everything! Faster than a lightning bolt. Loves to scatter things on the floor and walking with help from taller people. Hadassah is growing up into a little toddler. She has captured all of our hearts. This morning, both boys wanted to brush her hair when I was getting her dressed and ready for the day. They love helping to feed her and follow her up the stairs. She desperately wants to keep up with them. Momma is not bored, that is for sure. I'm so thankful for good health and lots of energy to keep up with them all day long.



Sometimes, you just need to get out into the woods to breathe. A little deeper. A little longer. Our family did that yesterday. Took the whole tribe up to Mt. Gretna and hiked through the woods and climbed the observation tower and thanked the LORD for creating the amazing fall beauty for us to enjoy. Deep breaths...


And Then There Were Nine..

Ranging in age from 3-21, these nine cousins are a spirited bunch! Taylor, Logan, Tristen, Olivia, Scarlett, Stella, Henry, Sydney and Maxine cherish weekly market trips & sushi lunches with Grandpa, late night shopping adventures with Nanny and Sunday dinners with the whole family. They each have their own look and personality, but they definitely share a common love of Bethany beach trips, music, and family sleepovers!

Little Girl

She is standing up in the middle of the room on her own these days. Taking steps while holding our hands and scaling the stairs. It won't be long. Trying to keep up with her big brothers. She's not a baby any more...

Llama Llama Red Pajama

Our neighbors have five llamas. They are quite interesting and our kids always enjoy when we stop in to talk with them. Saturday, they had a little llama party and invited a few other friends who own llamas to do some obstacle course stations. Here are some pictures of the leaders of the pack.


Kenedy: Senior

I first met Kenedy when her dad was one of my sport and exercise science professors at Messiah College. She was just a little half pint then. Fast forward about 12 years. I'm photographing her senior portraits. Whoah. Time does fly! Kenedy is part of her high school's girls' soccer and track teams and sings in campus chorale. This past summer she traveled to South Africa on a choir tour. You can find her drinking her favorite fall drink: a pumpkin spice latte and doing Zumba in her free time. Meet the lovely Kenedy...