Canvas Gallery Wraps

As you are all aware, Valentine's Day is two weeks away and there is always lots of love in the air here at Radiant Images. Last weekend, I had some clients, Joe & Whitney come to pick up a canvas from their wedding this past summer. They were thrilled and you could be too if you order one of these:) They make great "I Love You, Honey!" gifts, not just of wedding images, but family, kids, seniors, etc. Here's a little sample for you. It takes about two weeks to get them back so if you are at all interested, contact me soon.


Good Morning!

Malakai and I just wanted to say hi to all of our blog readers. I have a little camera on my computer so we jumped in the "Photo Booth" and got our pictures taken as soon as he woke up. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. This is a season of big changes so keep checking back...


The Wait Is Over...

'Tis the year for STRETCHING! It feels like everything about Radiant Images is going to the next level this year. January has been nothing short of CHANGE. After much debating (with myself), I finally took the plunge and purchased a Canon 5D last week and I've been having so much fun with it. She really is a beauty. Look at her shine...

Happy Birthday, Anne!

On a bitter cold, Friday night over 250 guests came to The Gap Family Center to help Anne Beiler ("Auntie Anne") celebrate her 60 years of life. And what a fun celebration it was. Plates of incredible food, a beautiful cake, live music, an open mic, and surprise guest singers, Reggie & Ladye Love Smith were some of the highlights of the evening. It was really special to hear how much everyone loves and respects Anne, especially her husband, Jonas. If you think that people just love her soft pretzels, that is only a small portion of who she is and how she has touched and changed so many lives. I have read her book, "A Twist Of Faith" (a must read for everyone and especially those of us who own businesses), interacted with her several times in the past months and have grown to respect her greatly. Anne, it was an honor to be a guest at your party. Enjoy a few of my favorite images.

Flurry of Activity

It snowed here pretty much all day here yesterday which if any of you know our dog, Gideon...well, let's just say he was GIDDY! As soon as Eric got home from work, the two of them raced outside to play. I mean, what could be better than running around in a postage-stamp-sized yard catching snowballs with your best friend?


Times Are Changing

As of a few weeks ago, Malakai is now walking! He looks like a little robot and is having a blast with his new skills. He isn't content to sit still very much so I'm going to get lots of exercise. Just so you all know, I haven't stopped taking pictures but I am hard at work on some new and exciting things for Radiant Images. I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet, but keep checking in to see what's new in the next few weeks.


This One's For The Ladies...

Last night Eric was asking me what I love about my job as a photographer. At first I stated all the obvious reasons, you know, like meeting new people, capturing special moments of life, etc. But then I pondered why I love weddings and senior portraits more than any other kind of photo shoot. I love to make a woman feel beautiful. There is nothing more fun for me than to see true beauty awakened within each bride. But you don't need to be a bride to have an excuse to get your pictures taken...in fact you don't even need an excuse at all to have your pictures taken. Sometimes, it's just fun to capture life...no special occasion needed. So guys, Valentine's Day is coming up soon and your special lady loves creative gifts of love. Why not give her the photo shoot of her dreams...just because. Just because you love her. I don't know of any woman that doesn't enjoy getting dolled up to do a little "modeling". Even if they tell you they aren't photogenic...it's a lie, they just need to spend some time with me to let their true beauty loose! Contact me for details about this Pretty Woman Shoot. Gals, don't be afraid to put a little bug in your man's ear. A little hint goes a long way!

Enjoy the snow today!!!


Eric & Heather: Warm With Love

Although it was a frigid day on Saturday, the sun was shining brightly as we shot our first wedding of 2009! Eric & Heather opted to see each other before the ceremony and we found a great spot in County Park for outdoor shots. The girls were such troopers and even wore pants and sneakers under their dresses to help keep warm. The ceremony was really special as Eric's Grandfather and father both had a part in it. I (like usual) got a little teary-eyed listening to their words of wisdom to the almost-married-couple. Eric even sang an original song to his new bride. Eric and Heather, we enjoyed spending the day you two and know that your future is started on a great foundation. Your gentleness and passion for Jesus are beautiful...just like the two of you on your wedding day. Here's a few favorites from your celebration of love.