Performing Arts

After her two brothers went through preschool, I thought maybe it was just my kids who despised being front and center. The ones who wouldn't even lip sync. The ones who refused to do any motions. Hid behind everyone. Then I had a daughter and that theory went out the window. She lights up when her feet hit the stage. Hadassah LOVES to perform and it is a true joy to watch her sing her heart out and do all the motions to a "T" and ham it up. She is our precious star and boy does she shine...


Happy Easter

I realized I never posted any Easter pictures of our day with my parents. Better late than never. It felt more like summer than early spring but it was so fun to be outside together. The kids loved finding eggs, taking tractor rides, playing games, and reading Grandpa's magazines. A day well spent!


Like Spring Chickens...

The annual Martin cousins egg hunt happened yesterday and 8 of the 10 cousins participated. Two little babes were napping. After the kids' had their egg hunt they requested to hide them for the grown ups to do an egg hunt. Even the oldest family member got in on the fun. It's always so fun to see the kids running around together at Grandpa and Grandma's house.