Merry & Bright

Christmas Eve we spent with Eric's family. Christmas Day we spent at home. Big breakfast. No agenda. Daddy home all day! Family movie night...Horton Hears a Who (fabulous movie, by the way!) Oh what fun to have two boys this year! Tractors, books, balls, and BUNNIES! Yup, I definitely had two little rabbits in my living room. We brought them in and asked Malakai what he wanted to name them. Instantly he proclaimed, "Lucy and Carrot!" That was easy. We love them and they seem very tame. They will be living in the barn with the cats and my parents' sheep. So don't ask about them being in the house. A husband, a dog and two little boys is perfect for now :) I'm so thankful that we could spend time with all of our family members for the past two weekends. What a gift and treasure it is to have these memories to cherish. Malakai even got to play Memory with his great grandma and they tied. She taught me how to be competitive :)


Who's Who?

They say we look alike. Today we did some digging and found these shots of Eric and I's 7 month shots to compare to Isaac's 6 month shots. Crazy huh?

Our Baby Boy Turns One

He was born eight days ahead of his official due date. I had a wonderful pregnancy. Flew to California to photograph a wedding. Traveled to New York to do another. Actually, I photographed 22 weddings with him in my womb! After six years of unexplained infertility, God planted a seed and enabled us to help it grow. Isaac Ray Martin was born on December 26, 2010 at 7:55pm weighing in at 7 lbs. 10 oz. Absolutely perfect in every way. Our deepest desire had been fulfilled. We could now experience what a little bit of Eric and little bit of Regina mixed together would look like, act like, and sound like. He has exceeded our wildest imaginations! Happy birthday, dear son! You are loved beyond measure!