Sweets...18 Months

She is determined. Sassy. Cuddly when it's time to sleep. Loves to wrestle. Babbles up a storm. Wants to do everything by herself. Animal lover. Has a smile that melts us, even when she is in trouble. She's our little "Sweets" and we love her dearly. On Friday, she turned 18 months old. Saturday afternoon while her two big brothers were napping, Daddy and I had a little photo session with her. No snow in sight. But this morning, a fresh blanket of it lies on the ground. Hadassah Joy...you have captured my heart and it is an honor to be your mommy.


Muddy Cousins

The kids' cousin, Clayton is here on spring break...more like mud break. We enjoyed time together outside complete with the traditional tractor/wagon ride. Wowzers....mud pies in abundance. But who's complaining? We get to be outside and the days are getting longer! These are all GOOD THINGS! It's so refreshing kicking up our heels and burning off all the energy that's been trapped indoors for way too long. Hello spring time. Hello outdoor life!


Mixin' It Up

This girl loves to copy whatever momma is doing. But she has her priorities straight. No need to get out of your pajamas. Sing at the top of your lungs, even if you have to make up the words. And tractors...don't wanna look too girly ;) I love you, my dear Hadassah!



This is why everything takes about twenty times longer when I have my little "helpers helping". It's kind of hard to do the laundry when they whip it out onto the floor constantly. And it's kinda hard to pull my vacuum behind me when Hadassah dear is always sitting on it. Oh well...I knew I had to run and get my camera in this moment because "it won't be like this for long" so they say.


Spring Fever

These three have spiked the fever. Spring fever. General foolishness is at its peak. Today, we bundled up and played outside for a good 15 minutes before we froze our ying-yang's off. But that fresh air...oh how we love thee! I can sense it. It won't be long now until our bare feet hit the green grass and we are outside longer than the sun stays up. Daylight Savings is this weekend!! Tis only a season...theme of my life right now. Nothing lasts forever. We can make it through this winter!