The Hunt

Rounded up almost 60 eggs with these hunters last night at Grandpa and Grandpa's. Didn't take long to fill their baskets. Hadassah watched in amazement as two little boys with beanies ran all over the yard picking up goodies.



Decorating eggs with three children at 9 in the morning went much better than I had anticipated. Only two cracked, one from each boy ;) Thankful they enjoyed it and I got a few pictures to remember the 20 minute activity. Roll with it while it lasts. I've been enjoying little pieces of every day life more and more. Yesterday I videoed Isaac feeding Hadassah some puffs. He did a great job and she almost ate his finger off reaching for each one. And Malakai spoon-fed her supper. The extra help sure is a relief :)


Fun & Games

The annual Easter egg hunt is always a fun activity for the cousins. Four little baskets full of eggs this year. Hadassah and Cherise slept right through it this time but they will be filling their baskets next year too!


Pining For Warmer Weather

My kids are so ready for springtime. Today I found them having a "picnic" on the kitchen floor and pretending they were at the park. I love their imagination. Hoping it will soon be reality! Goodbye winter, it's been real, but seriously...enough is enough!


Hadassah Is 6 Months Old

I am starting to sit up on my own. Eat solid foods. Sleep longer through the night. Popped my first tooth. Growing longer and gaining weight. Smiling and laughing a ton. Yeah, Mommy says I'm a lot of fun these days!



What's In The News?

Reading the newspaper is a family event these days...


Jumping Bean

Hadassah tried something new yesterday...