Easter Festivities

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter. We played outside all day on Saturday and even got sunburn! Sunday, we went to church, dressed in our best, and then had a superb meal made by my dear mom. Complete with an egg hunt for the kids. This was Noah's first Easter and he was happy...of course! Thankful for the longer days and warmer weather so we can air out our brains by running, jumping, and playing together outdoors. Our garden is sprouted (peas) and we cleaned out the chimney and said goodbye to our wood stove until next winter. Eric even got to take our new (to us) mower on a spin around the yard. The fruit trees are full of white and pink blossoms and everything seems to be stretching and reaching towards the warm sun. LIFE is returning to the earth once more!


Stella Noelle: Six Days Old

Two little girls. Cousins. Due on the same day. Born 10 days apart. I had the joy and privilege of capturing both of their newborn portraits. Each one is so special to their families. Stella means "star" and she is named after her great great grandmother. What an honor to share this special family name. She is adored by her big brother and of course Mommy and Daddy are thrilled with their baby girl. Meet the sweetest little thing...


Back Porch Shenanigans

The windows and doors have been open for the past several days straight and I'm hoping the stomach bug goes along with the wind! We have battled sickness for about a month now. Someone always has something. Today is my turn...again. Believing for better days ahead. We have had a few picnics on the patio, swinging on the swing set, bike riding, sidewalk chalk and today, I finally relented and opened our beloved sandbox. Oh yes...it's time to run barefoot and get rid of socks. Goodbye winter...hello spring flowers, sun, breezes, and outdoor fun!


Audrey Rose: Six Days Old

She is a precious gift. One that her mommy and daddy prayed for many times over the course of several years of waiting and hoping and longing. 6 lbs. 7 oz. of perfectness. And now Ryan and Kim can say, "It is good to feel the weight of a miracle!" I photographed their wedding a few years back and now their first baby. Two incredible honors that take my breath away. First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes prayers for a baby. And then, when the LORD opens the womb, a life begins to grow. This couple is already doing an amazing job at parenting their daughter. And their family is blessed beyond measure. Meet the little love that stole their hearts at her first cry...