Malakai's Gotcha Day

3 years ago on Friday, we brought our little Malakai Grant home to be a part of our family forever. It is affectionately known as "Gotcha Day" in our house. We will always celebrate the day we gotcha, Malakai! This year, we decided to go on a little overnight adventure to the Baltimore Aquarium with our friends, Derek & Abby and their daughter, Kai'lea. Our kiddos really adore each other and we wouldn't mind if they decided to get married some day :) It was a great trip and we made lots of fun memories together.


Fun Indoors

It may have been 70+ last week, but there's a few inches of snow on the ground now. Like it or lump it. That's what my mom always said :) Today we were supposed to speak at a local high school about adoption, but with the 2-hour delay it got bumped to tomorrow (Wednesday) so we have been having fun inside this morning. Here's a window into our day so far...and as I'm writing this, Malakai is giving me a head massage. Life isn't all that bad.


Grease Monkeys

My dad is an auto mechanic and so of course when I saw this "grease monkey" onesie, I couldn't resist getting it for Isaac to wear with his Grandpa.


Two Men In A Tub

Last night, Eric helped me give the boys a bath. This is becoming a favorite event for me as Isaac genuinely loves being in the tub (hallelujah...no wailing!) The wailing actually begins when we take him out. I just love his many facial expressions right now. And he's beginning to smile almost every day :)

Safe In The Arms...

...of Grandma


Science Factory Museum

Who doesn't love FREE family activities?? I discovered that on the First Friday of every month from 5-8pm the Science Factory Museum in Lancaster is free. So a few weeks ago, we went to check it out with Malakai. He had fun, but his Daddy had an absolute blast! Building, experimenting, pounding, etc. Every man's dream :) If you're ever in the neighborhood, go have some fun for yourselves.


Winter Clownin'

I've set up the same train tracks, farmed with the same tractors, colored with the same crayons, created with the same playdoh, sang the same silly songs with the same microphone for a lot of days in a row. Yes, I think I'm going a little buggy in the house with all the same walls around me. It really is soon time for the white stuff to melt so we can get some energy spent outside. Malakai was sure it was warm enough to play basketball outside yesterday. I assured him that the windchill was over the top and we wouldn't last for more than a few minutes. So back to the SAME toys it was. He switched it up and had some fun with the boppy pillow too. Hey, whatever keeps him busy and entertained. Enjoy your indoor activities today, whatever they may be.