Hadassah's Preschool Costume Parade

She designed it herself. She knows what she wants. Our beautiful butterfly. Loves being on stage...first one of our children with this trait and it is such a joy to watch. No fear. She's got the wave down. Can't wait to see her performing on different platforms in years to come...


Sensenig Family

From PA to CA and back again. We love this family! I can't wait to watch their boys enjoy their first official winter in this part of the country! From flip flops to boots! With three little men ages, 1 (almost 2), 3 and 4 you can imagine their house is very boring and quiet...riiiiiiiight! Jamie and Amanda are stellar parents and are raising three amazing little arrows for the Kingdom of God! Such an honor to have photographed them on the east coast (engagement) to the west coast (wedding and family portraits). And we are so glad that they are now making PA their home!

Carving Pumpkins...

...for the first time. I would call it a success. Everyone was excited to see their jack-o-lanterns come to life. Eric was a great leader and there were lots of helping hands! Some of them didn't want to get messy when they had to clean out the guts and asked for gloves...hah. Not an option!


Our Family...

It's wonderful to have friends that happen to be photographers so we can swap services. Sharing is fun even as grown-ups! Dave Witmer did a wonderful job capturing our family of six over the weekend. So thankful that these moments in time are documented forever in our memories.

Huacani Family

It was a gorgeous night to capture this neighborhood family. We covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Even the little pup, Iris was cooperating! I enjoyed seeing the five different personalities come to life during our session. I know it's never boring around their place!