Heritage Poultry - 9.26.08

Yesterday morning, Malakai and I had a little road trip to Annville. It was a beautiful 40 minute drive. I took some back country roads home which was even more wooded and scenic. My brother-in-law, Jason works for this business and they asked me to do a company picture. I had fun joking around with everyone and I think it was a good mid-morning break for them. It's always rejuvenating to get some fresh air when you work in an office all day. Believe me...on "editing days" I can definitely use a walk in the evenings with my family after being pent up in the house all day long. Thanks for babysitting Malakai while I was shooting, Monica! He slept the whole way home :)


Katie & Ellie - 9.24.08

Sister, sister...how adorable are these girls? Their mom and I are good friends. She was my field hockey coach in high school and after I graduated from Messiah College, I came back to coach under her for the JV team. Our friendship has grown through the years and more so recently as we adopted Malakai. Her & her husband have been an incredible support to Eric and I as they have gone before us in the adoption journey, adopting Katie from China several years ago. Katie and Ellie are starting dance lessons soon and Lauri got these cute matching dresses for the girls. She wanted me to come out to their house and get some shots of them together and I had a blast with these two. They were leading me around the pond with my eyes shut, twirling around in flowy dresses like every little girl loves to do, and enjoying each other's company. It took some bribing (ice cream always does the trick!) towards the end but they were troopers and I know they had fun which is the most important part of any photo shoot in my opinion. Lauri, your sweethearts are full of life and you are one awesome mommy. Can't wait to hear how dance class goes!


Carissa - 9.22.08

Natural beauty...those are the words that keep running through my mind as I look over Carissa's senior portraits. She was so much fun to photograph. I really didn't have to giver her much direction, she just posed and I captured her personality that came out. She was lovin' the camera, even though I think I woke her up pretty early to meet me at Masonic Homes. We met Carissa and her family this past spring. Her parents adopted five children and are a bi-racial family a lot like ours. We have enjoyed this connection and are blessed to have people like Carissa and her family in our lives as we raise Malakai. Carissa, you are one incredible woman and I am excited to see how God uses your life as you pursue Him and the calling on your life for creativity and design. Enjoy a few favs...


New Office Manager

A good manager is hard to find...he can be pretty tough on me sometimes, but he is a great addition to my office! If you ever wonder what I do while I'm editing to pass the time, here's a little window into my not-so-boring life as a mommy/photographer.

Bath Toys

This morning, Malakai was especially excited about chomping on his bath toys. He still loves getting in the water and splashing around.

Martin Family - 9.20.08

"Do you have family pictures taken every year?"
"Uh, no..it's been 14 years."
"Well, what an honor to be the one to update them!"

That was the conversation I had with Mrs. Martin before I began the session so I knew they would be a lot of fun. They had lots of ideas and were anxious to try new things. They even got Dad a new outfit from AE...looking sharp, Mr. Martin! I coached their one daughter Ashley in field hockey at LMH so we had a little background with each other. It's always so fun to see what "my hockey girls" are up to after high school. Here's a few favorites from our morning together.