My Little Sunshines

In the midst of the entire family getting sick, Hadassah managed to stay healthy. She took a spin on the ol' exersaucer for the first time yesterday and loved it. Looking forward to watching her explore the world around her more and more. And bathtime...well, it's the only time all three kids were smiling and laughing at the same time over the past several days. Good opportunity for Mommy to take some pictures. It's been a little zooey around here with the stomach bug and Malakai coughing a lot, but Jesus is healing us and we are thankful for bodies that recover. Here's to better days ahead.


Our New Niece...

Today we met our 5-day old niece, Cherise Lynette. Malakai couldn't wait to hold her and count all of her toes and fingers! There is something so miraculous about holding a brand new human being. Jason and Amber are incredible parents of three beautiful children and we were so thankful for a safe delivery and healthy baby girl! Hadassah and Cherise will have lots of fun growing up together as they are only four months apart. Oh the memories they will make!



Still rockin' it...33 years later. My mom kept a few of her favorite outfits of mine to pass on to my daughter someday. Hadassah looks darling in my old threads, at least I think so!


Sibling Fun

Hadassah loves to play on the floor with her brothers and thinks tractors are quite entertaining. Look at that smile! Who needs dolls??


Isaac's First Haircut

After two years, we finally gave in and decided to give Isaac a fresh cut. He had some strings that had to go. We distracted him with snacks, even though the whole time he was saying, "No, no, no!" (which is a common occurrence for our newly turned two-year-old). He looks like such a big boy now. And is also taking much more interest in the potty these days. Last night he sat on his potty and nothing happened. As soon as we turned on the water for the bathtub, he started peeing on the floor. Progress? LORD, give us grace for a second round of potty training on the horizon.


Snow Days and Sweet Memories

Friends, Ryan and Denise came to visit from NC. They met Hadassah for the first time and our boys enjoyed playing together. Always look forward to spending time with them. A snow day with the Martin family, complete with homemade donuts and playing in the snow. And a new bedroom and bunk beds for the boys. We are so thankful for memories made and projects completed!