Sebastian: The New Guy

He was only 6 days old when I met him, and he stole my heart with just one glance. I feel like I have to whisper when I walk into the home of a newborn. It's just so peaceful to see a new little baby asleep on mommy or daddy. Takes me back to the day we met Malakai. Babies have a way of bringing out the best in all of us. Kirsten looked amazing and Tim was smiling ear to ear, the way only a first time new dad can smile. Sebastian was so relaxed for his first photo shoot. He was content to just lay still and be the center of attention. Everything was going great, until the diaper came off. I mean, really, what newborn session is complete without a little pee and poop? Tim & Kirsten, you are already wonderful parents and your son is VERY handsome! Take a peak...

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  1. Dilcia6/06/2009

    Que dios te lo bendiga siempre.......