A personal life update...

...in my last blog entry I mentioned quickly that Eric and I are pursuing adoption. I wanted to share a little bit more about that with all of you. Some of you already know the journey we have been on over the past three years in wanting to start a family and others of you do not. There have been joys and tears along the way. Last September we found out we were pregnant and then miscarried early on in the pregnancy. It was a huge loss for us, but we have not given up hope. We serve a God of faithfulness!
After much prayer, heartache, and wrestling, Eric and I have decided to adopt. This summer we contacted a local adoption agency and have been working with them for the past few months. At first we thought we would adopt internationally, but after finding out more information, felt like the LORD was leading us to adopt domestically here in the US. So we have had lots of paperwork to fill out, meetings and interviews to attend, and information to gather about ourselves to prove that we would be great adoptive parents.
The LORD has done a lot in our hearts to get us to the place where adoption does not feel like second best to biological children. We are still believing for our natural children to be concieved and born someday, but know that we are called to adopt in this season of life. What an incredible opportunity has been set before us. We have begun the home study process and have an educational training class to attend sometime in January. After that class is completed, we will officially be in the system and our profile will be viewed by birthmothers for our potential adoption!
We don't know when we will be placed with a child because so much depends on who is looking for adoptive parents and if we are chosen. We are believing for this to happen sometime in 2008, so believe with us! The cost of the adoption is over $21,000. Many of you have invested into our lives with your fervent prayers for us to concieve and bring forth healthy children. This adoption is an answer to your prayers. If any of you feel that the LORD is asking you to suppport us with finances for this adoption, please email me at rmartin79@paonline.com for more information. Eric and I are very open and willing to share our story with you.
A few months ago Eric and I heard a Jason Upton song called "Father of the Fatherless" which left us in tears as we thought of the lyrics in terms of adoption. The LORD began to show us His perspective on adoption. We are ALL adopted into God's family. I am adopted. You are adopted. Did you ever stop to think about that truth? It changes your view of the world.
Here are the lyrics:

Father of the Fatherless, come down and rescue us, we need You, we need You again

Friend of the Friendless, come down and hold us, we need You, we need You again

How many sons have cried for their fathers, and how many fathers have cried like a son

Now every tear saved through the years and memories spotted

Becomes the fine wine You serve to the children of God

I thought it might be good to let all of you who read my blog regularly and those of you who are checking it out for the first time a little bit about who I am beyond my love of photography. God has taught me over and over again in the last three years that His thoughts are higher than my thoughts and His ways are higher than my ways and for that I am so thankful. Because He loves me so much, He gave me the gift of Radiant Images. Life has been birthed inside of me. It was not in the form of a child, but a business that is truly fulfilling to me. I know that if Eric and I would've had children three years ago when this journey was just beginning I would never had started my own photography business and met many of you. So in seasons of barrenness, there is still life and purpose. That is true for you who are reading this for the life circumstances you are finding yourself in. Enjoy the season of life you are currently experiencing, because in an instant it can all change. In a few short months, I may be a mother. I believe it and speak it out! What are you believing for? He is faithful and it WILL come to pass, in His perfect timing. You can rest in that.